Joy In Cancer Secret Three: Laughter

Cancer isn’t funny.  Cancer is big, it’s bad, and it’s awful; but my God is bigger, He’s better, and He’s awesome.  God is able to give His children joy in the middle of horror.

While you are in the Valley of Cancer, I encourage you to seek laughter.  Seek it, but don’t force it, and don’t fake it.  I don’t mean you should pretend you are having a good time.  Laughing and crying at the same time count.  In that moment, you have a choice.  Which are you going to hang onto?  Sometimes, tears are the right response.  Other times, laughter can be a lifeline.  When you can, grab it, and swing, baby, swing!

When you’re going through chemo, you are dealing with the side effects of the chemo, the medicine to help you deal with the side effects of chemo, and more to help you deal with the side effects of the side-effect management medicine. Honest.  No matter how grateful you are for this abundant display of amazing western pharmaceuticals, at some point looking at your vast array of pills and potions will be a multiple choice test:  laughter, tears or all of the above?  Proverbs 17:22 says that “laughter does the heart good like medicine.”  I’m suggesting you need to not only laugh when it gets ridiculous, but go beyond that to “take” laughter like medicine:  regularly and on purpose.

Chemo Half Way Day

During my valley of cancer, I looked for laughter.  Those silly e-mails I had been too busy to read were exactly what I wanted in my inbox.  I knew which friends to ask, and they came through with an avalanche. I accepted too cute as well as hysterical, and considered a weak, crooked smile (see my picture?) as a laughter success. 


In upcoming posts, I’ll share the ways I “took” my laughter medicine, including books, movies and comedians.  I’ll share things we laughed about together as a family, the Bible verses that made me laugh, and how I know God has a sense of humor. 

How do you take your laughter medicine?

About reclinerwoman

I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer on 3/25/2008 and completed treatment on 11/6/2008. My cancer-free date is 8/27/2008. My desire is to encourage cancer patients and the ones who love them.
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