Turn Frustration into Laughter

At one point during chemo, mouth sores were threatening.  My breast care coodinator warned me to be proactive, as she had seen people in the hospital on a morphine drip from the pain of mouth sores!  I called my doctor and discussed it, and we decided I didn’t have “sores” at that point, just “anomolies.”  My doctor encouraged me to get gentle mouthwash and rinse every hour.

Now, seriously, gargle every hour?  That night, I lay in bed thinking about what I was going to write in my blog.  I started praying, and God turned my self-pity into laughter.  He gave me a picture of the previous Friday, when I was so weak and a friend came over to help me.  My friend would come over and say “You need to drink something, Marla.”  Suddenly I had a picture of her as a cheerleader, cheering me on by saying “Sip, Marla, Sip.  Spit, Marla, Spit.”  I fell asleep laughing at the picture.

By the next morning, the laughter had nudged me over my frustration and I had a better attitude.  I accepted gargling as a task, and did my best.

At one point I was prescribed “magic mouthwash,” which contained a pain killer.  My mouth was so numb I bit my tongue.  I found out one of the ingredients was Mylanta, so I gargled with that.  There is a tiny line inside our mouths that normally feels smooth.  If that line ever felt rough, I would gargle every hour I was awake until the line was smooth again.

I’m grateful for helpful professionals and medicines.  I’m grateful I don’t have to gargle every hour any more!


About reclinerwoman

I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer on 3/25/2008 and completed treatment on 11/6/2008. My cancer-free date is 8/27/2008. My desire is to encourage cancer patients and the ones who love them.
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