Emotions that are Physical

I know some of the emotions I felt during chemo were physical.  I call those “fake” emotions.  When I recognized an imposter, I would choose to concentrate on what I KNEW.  I knew I was doing the right thing, I knew God was with me, I knew God was leading me and guiding me.

I was reading in the Psalms and poor David was complaining that everyone had forsaken him.  Even in my pity party, I rejoiced as I thought of how I was not forsaken, but surrounded by help and love and laughter and friendship.  I was richly blessed!


About reclinerwoman

I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer on 3/25/2008 and completed treatment on 11/6/2008. My cancer-free date is 8/27/2008. My desire is to encourage cancer patients and the ones who love them.
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