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Emotions that are Physical

I know some of the emotions I felt during chemo were physical.  I call those “fake” emotions.  When I recognized an imposter, I would choose to concentrate on what I KNEW.  I knew I was doing the right thing, I knew … Continue reading

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Tease Your Doctor

Before I lost my hair, I found a wig that was so close in color and style to my own hair, my husband and children didn’t notice the difference.  When I lost my hair, I wore the wig to my oncologist office visit.  … Continue reading

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Cancer Isn’t Funny

Cancer isn’t funny. It’s big, it’s bad, and it’s awful.  The good news is, my God is bigger, He’s better and He’s awesome.  He gives His children the ability to laugh in the middle of horror. In this blog, I’m … Continue reading

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Average Life Expectancy

My heart contracted – in joy.  A stab of excitement shot through me.  Even as my mind said “what?” my soul sang out “I’m going to see Jesus!” My mind quickly, and logically, jumped in.  “You have 10 and 6 … Continue reading

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